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Where to turn when you need a helping hand

We can help with a range of topics. Find out about the guidance and support you’ll get if you need a helping hand with academic life – or life in general – when you study with us. Need support now with applying to our academy or student finance? See our guides on how to apply or tuition and fees.

How We Can Help

Let’s figure out what learning supporting areas are available for you when you become a student at Hekate Academy.

We have an extensive library with specialized AI materials on any topic you might ever need. And beyond. The best part is that it’s both in the physical world and online. 

If you can’t work out how to solve a challenging problem, our teaching staffs are always available to accompany you through the task. To save your precious time, you can talk to our virtual assistant and make all kind of queries such as finding documents/materials, requesting for help when you get stuck, or even schedule a test, otherwise you can request for help via any available supporting channels shown in the Contact us page.

We know it’s hard and exhausting to figure out where would your ability fit in the job market. However, the longer you doubt your competence, the smaller the opportunity for you to advance in your career. We are here to help you find your passion and bring you to the right community where you can connect and share your skill.

To request for mentorship or career advice service, don’t hesistate to talk to our  Virtual Assistant, it will walk you through steps to connect to the right people.

Our experienced finance advisors will walk you through the whole process of getting funding for your education, applying for scholarships, or finding a part-time job in any place in Vietnam.

You can check out the fiancial aid page to learn more about types of aid available at Hekate Academy.

Don’t be shy. Reach out to us in person, over email/phone, or via our virtual assitstant, which is recommended for time-saving purpose. We have built an enormous strong dataset to our virtual assistant to be the perfect speaking partner and guide you to the right resources and help you solve your queries fast and accurately.


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