What is this camp about?

The camp is designed based on a poular trend nowadays – smart city, aims to deliver the most applicable knowledge of AI such as:

  • Face / hand recognition
  • AI speaker
  • Object detection
  • IOT
  • OCR
  • CCTV
With an goal to build a class which is highly interactive and exploits full potential of each learners, the camp combines diverse methods such as teaching, group discussion, in-depth experimentation,… Furthermore, learners will go through periodic examination to witness personal development.
In the camp, high-level staffs from RXO company take part in compiling education materials, teaching and evaluating along Hekate Academy side’s support.

Who is this camp for?

High school, university students

Studying related majors: computer science, software development, automation,...

Fresh graduates, individuals in the relevant field with less than a year of experience
Have an strong interest, a solid foundation of AI và coding skills
Get basic English communication skill

Why is this camp special?

Hands-on experience

Learners gain exposure to the latest knowledge base while practising, experimenting and experiencing cutting-edge equipments

Mentorship program

Learners are coached about career path, are assisted to write letter of recommendation when applying for dream companies, are counselled on personal issues

Community of AI

Learners get connected with national and foreign AI experts through referrals from lecturers or organizers

Internship chances

Having completed the camp, learners are likely to be recruited for intern positions in global environments such as South Korea, Thailand, and Mexico


Learners are rewarded with certificates of completion equivalent to assessment test when applying for Hekate, RXO or our partners


Let the camp fill your summer to the fullest!

Hekate is a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence research and development company founded in 2016 with the mission of “Bringing the benefits of AI to everyone

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