Applied AI

In the process of learning and motivation, creating challengings for students is an integral part to push students ahead. Hekate Academy provides you with practical projects to help you measure your progress effectively.


Assessment types to challenge and evaluate your knowledge

Now, It’s time to apply what you have learnt. We are eager to provide you with a wide range of projects/case-studies to help you practice your understandings. Fun challengings that are inspired from us and our community will help you show how far you accomplish and refresh your mind in more creative and enjoyable way. Importantly, you don’t always have to code on your own, join our community to collaborate with others and complete your team projects.

Project-based Assessments/ Real-life Case Studies

You will receive a project/case study along with your course. In addition, if you finish our whole learning path from zero to competency, there is another Final Project waiting for you to demonstrate your capabilities for handling real world problems. Your final project will be granted a project-based certificate. With the practical projects/case studies provided by us, we are long for creating high-profile candidates when they enter the workforce or other higher educational systems after graduating from Hekate Academy.


To provide you opportunities to acquire technical skills in a short time, we have developed a coding bootcamp consisting of condensed and immersive education programs, with which you can demonstrate hands-on skills that prove to be most relevant in the real world to your potential employers.

Fun Challenges

We understand that intensive training experience might scare some people a bit; therefore, we design several fun challenges during each course while helping you practice for your job search. More specifically, we collect various real-world technical interviews and other fun coding programs to let you free your mind and get outside of your comfort zone. Since it’s for fun, there’s no pressure; we only hope it will perhaps can sharpen your critical thinking after each challenge.

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