Course 10: Data Science


  • Math knowledge (Probability, linear algebra, and calculus)
  • Knowledge of morndern machine learning algorithms
  • Programming Knowledge – Python
  • Tensorflow or Pytorch knowledge

Who is this course for?

  • Students who complete the Tensorflow and/or Pytorch course and Basic AI and ML course and want to advance more.
  • Students who have not studied Data Science.
  • People who want to start their AI career specializing in Data Science field.

What you'll get after completing this course:

This course help you to organize and analyze information, using methods such as data visualization, deep learning, and machine learning to generate useful insights.

Variety of new skills concepts you will get including:

  • R programming
  • Statistical analysis
  • Regression analysis
  • Data structures
  • Neural networks
  • Structured query language (SQL)
  • Tensorflow and other machine learning platforms
  • Basic data analysis with Excel
  • Data visualization with Tableau or Power BI
  • Big Data in Machine Learning

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