Our Commitments

Start exploring what benefits you can get when you study at Hekate Academy.

1. Course-based and Project-based Certificates

Hekate Academy is committed to providing you with an accredited certificate on the completion of any courses if your passing result is 85 or above. Futhermore, another type of certificate will be granted if you accomplish a project issued by our academic.

2. Real-life Projects

Hekate Academy is committed to providing you with a wide range of real-life projects during your studying at Hekate Academy. By integrating theory and practice, we hope you will be able to ace any difficulties when you enter the workforce.

3. Community of AI and Machine Learning Experts

Hekate Academy is committed to forming an AI and ML community where you can have a valuable chance to learn from our AI-specialized predecessors, our alumni, and your peers.

4. Personal Assistance

Hekate Academy is committed to providing you with an effective learning environment where you can interact with our admins, teachers, and teaching staffs whenever you encounter troubles in your studying. Don't be shy to contact us!

5. An Enormous Assessment Bank

Hekate Academy is committed to bringing you various up-to-date assessments to evaluate your understanding level based on the course you take.

6. Letter of References

Hekate Academy is committed to advising you on your next step after you graduate. We are happy to be chosen as a trusted third-party to help you out with your letter of references when you apply to the next school/job.

7. Local and Global Competitions

Hekate Academy is committed to offering you opportunities to participate in local and global competions, have your own 'rise and shine' moments, and make your potfolio standing out in the job market.

8. Career Advice on Job Prospects

Hekate Academy is committed to accompanying you through every step of your AI learning journey. If you need career advice from us either on the application phase or after you graduate, we are here to help and connect you to opportunities for internships, entry-level jobs, and/or career fairs that are available.


Are you ready to begin this journey for yourself?