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Constantly practicing and improving AI knowledge and coding skills is one of the Hekate Academy’s priorities. Inspiring assessment bank is here to serve you.


Bootcamps and Projects

As an academy, we would love to see our students standing out in competitions, having their ‘rise and shine’ moments, and getting recoginition from notable universities and organizations. However, what we would cherish more than anything is to witness the process of how they analyze the problem, figure out solutions, be able to fix it on their own, and have their own sense of fulfillmen. From then, they develop confidence and are proud to announce to the organizations out there that here are the projects that they accomplish, here are their recognized certificates, and this is what they have competency in.

To make it realistic, we offer various fun and practical projects and challenges throughout the course as well as a challenging bootcamp to take their coding skills to the next level. Participating in these challenges is the best way to learn and understand new concepts as there is no easy pill in the journey of becoming an expert.

There are three ways to kick start your practice with us:

  1. Apply for the course that matches your ability and receive a real-life project along with that course. If you are not sure which course to take, do not hesitate to contact our administration to take a placement assessment. Don’t worry about your starting point, we are here to set your sights on the right track.
  2. Apply for a bootcamp.
  3. If you already have an IT background, you can proceed to the last couse called “Applied AI” and actually immerse yourself in a real case study.

Our Prominent Challenges


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