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Academy Overview

Hekate Academy is a tangible launcher for AI enthusiasts. We provide a solid foundation of knowledge as well as a professional learning environment, so you can excel as a leader in your industry.

Asian male office worker with wristwatch holding documents with diagrams while talking with female colleagues. Indoor portrait of young executive in glasses discussing new goals.
African head of the department is satisfied with the work of staff. Asian male student in trendy shirt telling university friends about his science report.

The leaders of tomorrow journey begins today, at Hekate Academy

AI is no longer a trendy buzzword, but rather a strategic priority that businesses can use to gain a competitive advantage in today’s digitally driven world. Although the AI concept is complex, we believe that you can learn AI regardless of your age, gender, or socioeconomic background. More importantly, you can learn the fundamental from the ground up and then advance. Rather than abstract concepts, you will gain useful AI knowledge in regards to your domain. If your ultimate goal is to become a leader of tomorrow, you are well on your way. 


On completion of courses at Hekate Academy

You can walk away with:

Hands-on learning
Well-rounded skill sets
Global perspective
Community of experts
Personal assistance
Letter of recommendation
Local and global opportunities
Career mentorship
Agile mindset for leaders

Still not Sure?

Do you hesitate because of financial constraints? Recognizing that not everyone can afford high-quality courses, we established a financial aid program with a maximum award of $10,000.

We don’t just split the money; we also share the life-changing experience.


Hekate is a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence research and development company founded in 2016 with the mission of “Bringing the benefits of AI to everyone

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