What is this course about?

Do you want to learn about the value of data and how to grow your company in the digital age?

Do you want to use AI to make the best decision for your business?

Do you want to train, manage, and motivate a team of talented AI engineers?

What is this course about?


Is it tempting? If yes, AI Leadership Program is the course for you!

The program will provide you with a clear understanding of the fundamental concept of AI, what tasks a typical AI project entails, 

how it is disrupting diverse business fields, and so on. The course is designed exclusively for business-driven individuals and does not require any coding prerequisites while focusing on business impact.

Who is this course for?


Seek new expertise to meet the challenges of a context heavily influenced by AI.


Be eager to learn more about AI’s current capabilities and its implications for their industries

Business managers

Lead digital projects integrated with AI or seek to acquire the skills and knowledge required to remain competitive in the ever-changing world of AI

Why is this course special?

Strategic relationship

Engaging with like-minded partners within and across peer groups is extremely beneficial not only to you but also to your organization

Shared-value communities

A group of people who share common values holds the key to unlocking the next wave of business innovation and growth, and this has a positive impact on business outlook

Up-to-date knowledge

You will nail a starting point for revolutionizing your company’s transformation by thoroughly understanding cutting-edge technologies


Are you ready to begin this journey for yourself?

Hekate là công ty tiên phong về Trí tuệ nhân tạo được thành lập vào năm 2016 với sứ mệnh “Mang lại lợi ích của AI cho mọi người”.

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